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We’re in Venice, at Piazza San Marco.

Venice San Marco

Piazza San Marco, 146 Venice
Phone:+39 041 099 3526
E-mail: info@yex.it

Available Services:
Foreign exchange
Cash Advance
VAT Refund


Venice - San Marco: yex foreign exchange location in Venice.

What better place for a currency exchange store in Venice than the wonderful Piazza San Marco, chosen by yex for its location? Visited by 15 million tourists every year, this square is admired by tourists of all nationalities, the typical target of our services.

In fact, at our location in Venice we offer to tourists from Countries outside the European Union not just exchange rates particularly convenient, but also VAT Refund, so that they can have immediate VAT refund on purchases just made while shopping in Italy.

We’re easy to find, because our location is exactly in Piazza San Marco, facing the sea, next to the Clock Tower building. You can go directly to the desk to get the currency you need.

yex - Venice