A different change
SURE, IT'S yex
Just pop in to any of our locations
to change your foreign currency notes.

A perfect range of services

Our core business is foreign exchange, however, we know that you may need some more help when you’re on travel. That’s why we provide further assistance and useful services at our locations, like Money Transfer and VAT Refund, a perfect match for travelers or tourists to have on hand.

We’re geared to foreign exchange

We strive to offer you the best exchange terms, the most affordable rates and suitable conditions. We hate seeing you wait at the desk, therefore our great efforts go into containing each transaction in a time slot of less than 5 minutes. We’re aware of how valuable is your time, first and foremost on holidays!

Money Transfer, 100% reliable

At our locations, you can send money everywhere, easily, and efficiently. The operation takes just few minutes, just leave it to us and you won’t have to worry: Western Union is the safest way to send money to your loved ones.

VatRefund, Tax Free Shopping

If you are a non-EU resident, you can get VAT refund on your purchases. Spot the Global Blue label at our locations and ask for refund on the spot. Then, you are ready to start another shopping tour!

Here’s the list of accepted credit cards at every yex locations.