A different change
Nothing makes us feel better
than a satisfied customer.

Optimistic and optimizers

At yex, we are always setting the highest standards for our performance. We naturally aim to be the best, and this is why we strive to streamline every aspect of our business every day: to speed up the operation of every location, to add something extra to the services provided to our customers, to do better and better.

100% satisfaction guarantee

When it comes to customer satisfaction, then, we really like to exaggerate. We do not just offer convenient exchange rates and quality guarantee in every location. We do whatever it takes to make our customers feel absolutely confident about our brand. We have been on the market for ten years and, as a matter of fact, we have achieved this goal with 100% of our customers.

It’s everywhere to be seen: we are transparent

That’s why you can trust us. As well as complying with the regulations on banking transparency, we have drawn up for you a document in which our customers’ rights are set out in detail. You can find it at our desks, along with the Information Sheet.

We’re always available to help you

If you’re not satisfied with a transaction, if you’re not convinced of the exchange rate applied or even some trivial detail needs to be clarified, our operators are at your disposal to answer any question: just feel free to ask.