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We’re in Rome, close to piazza Navona.

Here we are!

If you choose yex you’ll get yourself a fast, reliable and convenient exchange service. At our locations, we’re ready to offer the best conditions on the market.

You can find us at the most important places in Italy: Rome, Venice, Milan, and the international airport “Leonardo da Vinci”.

Roma, Roma Pastini 
Roma, Roma Sant’Andrea 
Milano, Milano Duomo 
Venezia, Venezia San Marco
Palermo, Aeroporto

FCO Reclaim C
FCO Partenze
FCO Arrivi B
FCO AVANCORPO E1- E8 Partenze Airside
FCO MOLO E11-E24 Partenze Airside
FCO Transiti Partenze Airside Area Imbarchi E
FCO Imbarchi Satellite E31-E44