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We’re in Milan at Piazza del Duomo.

Milan Duomo

Via Orefici, 2 Milan
Phone: +39 02 8646 4178
E-mail: info@yex.it

Available Services:
Foreign exchange
Cash Advance


Milan - Duomo: yex foreign exchange location in Milan.

In Milan, we’ve selected the best possible position for our location: Piazza del Duomo. Visited by 6 million people every year, this place attracts tourists of all nationalities and, thus, is just perfect to a foreign exchange operator like yex.

Our currency exchange service in Milan is not appreciated by tourists only, but also by businessmen and Italian citizens planning to leave, because at our location they can find the most convenient rates in Milan’s foreign exchange market.

As it’s typical of yex locations, the foreign exchange service is handled by qualified and multilingual staff, ready to welcome you with a smile and fulfill your requests promptly. You can go directly to the desk to get the currency you need.

Milan Duomo is the foreign exchange location you were seeking for in view of your travels.

yex - Milan